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Dogmatic Theology explained through stories of dog ownership

Fr. James MallonDogmatic Theology“So it?s using stories of my dog to speak about things like God?s unconditional love, sin, guilt and forgiveness. That week is called ?the seven dogly sins.?”His lessons are broken up into a series of talks on 8 DVD?s, parts of them can also be seen online at the website dogmatictheology.com. They explain questions on life and death as taught by Catholicism, as well other themes like sin, guilt, and forgiveness. Fr. James MallonDogmatic Theology“It talks about the lordship of Christ, scripture, suffering in death. So it gets pretty heavy and it has talks before a live audience. It has pieces with my dog, it has a dogmatic theologian whose got his piece. And each week finishes with a documentary testimony with a real life experience.” Since the release of Dogmatic Theology in August of 2011, it now has a following from North America and Europe to Singapore and New Zealand. The series of talks was created for everyone with theological questions, for dog-owners and non-dog-owners alike. AEAM, FF, dogmatictheology.comHC-PR