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Future Saint? Book on 100 alleged miracles of Alfonso Maria Fusco to be published

It will include the alleged healing of a child who suffered from malaria in Zambia. Even though the boy?s mother wasn?t Catholic, she asked a nun to pray for her son. Mother Lina PatanoSuore Battistine (Italy)“That sister called on all nuns from that community to pray for the boy?s healing. They prayed during the afternoon and also in the evening. The boy was in a coma, but one day he woke up and told his mom ?Feed me, I?m hungry.? When the doctor got there, he said he couldn?t explained what happened scientifically.”The book will include other possible miracles that range from physical healings to overcoming moral difficulties. ;

Blessed Fusco was born in 1839 in Angri, which is located in southern Italy. At the age of 11 he decided to be a priest to help others. Once he was ordained his first assignment was to help underprivileged children from his hometown. The priest was known for walking along the streets of his town, looking for the poor and offering them help. He would offer them food and education. From this mission, the Congregation of St. John the Baptist was born. Mother Lina PantanoSuore Battistine (Italy)"At one point he felt a deep responsibility for the poor children of his hometown. ; There were many of them because parents would take off and go to work, leaving the kids out on the street. Then he said: ?If these kids grow up without an education or support, they will bring down society. But if I help them, educate them and guided them, will be the strength and happiness of society."Despite some difficulties he managed to carry out his work successfully. Currently, the congregation has 800 sisters in 17 countries. The congregation is devoted primarily to the education and care of the youth. Soon, it will open yet another convent and support center in Romania. ;