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Experts discuss how to use technology to spread the Gospel and reach out to the youth

Arch. Claudio Maria CelliPresident, Pontifical Council for Social Communications (Italy)"The mission of the Church has always been the same over the centuries, but now it must have a language that people can relate to. It?s about rediscovering a new style. We live in a multicultural society that?s more religious, so we need to figure out what role we need to play in all this.”The meeting titled “Media for a Culture of Peace: Creating Images with the New Generation,” was organized by SIGNIS which is the World Catholic Association for Communication.The group was founded back in 2001. It?s actually a non-governmental organization that includes media professionals from 140 countries. Its main objective is to communicate the message of the Church to all people, especially the youth.Avitus de SouzaPresident SIGNIS (Italy)“The important thing now is the new technologies and the new way of communicating to young people. Especially to be active with young people is forcing us to change sermons and change the way we talk. But not only sermons but also allowing the young people talk to us."During the meeting, experts agreed, that social networks can be a great tool to spread the message of the Gospel. They also said that music and film are two other great ways to reach out to the youth. ;AO/KLH ;AM ;GDP ;-PR