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Rome Reports

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Pontifical Council for Laity prepares for plenary session

Ana Cristina Villa Betancourt works at the Vatican?s Council for the Laity. The department has many roles, like creating a sense of purpose, identity and responsibility for laypeople. That includes making all Catholics like parents, professionals and politicians, take an active role when it comes to their faith. Ana Cristina Villa BetancourtPontifical Council fort the Laity“Priests, ministers and bishops aren?t the only part of the Church. It?s funny how sometimes we hear the baptized say ?Oh, the Church,? as if they, themselves, aren?t part of it. I think things have gotten better, but we still have to work at making people understand that all of us make up the Church.”From November 24th to the 26th, the Council will have its Plenary Assembly in Rome, to discuss how to move forward. ; One of ; the goals is to leave the technical work aside, so to speak, and focus on God and His message on a global scale. Ana Cristina Villa BetancourtPontifical Council for Laity“When we think about the New Evangelization, perhaps we shouldn?t think too much in what to do. What projects to work on, or what techniques to build. I think the focus should be more on personal testimonies. People who are touched by faith and the mystery of Christ.”Dozens of members are expected at the meeting, including the leaders of key lay movements like Kiko Arguello of the Neocatechumenal Way. ; Also, the president of Communion and Liberation, Julián Carrión and the president of the Focolare Movement, ; María Voce. When it come to getting its message across, the Council?s website is translated into four languages to keep laypeople up to date. KLHFFHCPR