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Rome Reports

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Unique nativity scenes on display in Rome

Mariacarla Menaglia“100 Presepi” Exhibit (Rome)“With nails, bolts, auto parts, with pasta and even bread. The fantasy in the exhibit is truly incredible.”This large nativity scene is made with different types of pasta and the ground is made out of rice. This one, showing Mary and Joseph is made from cut out picture frames. A sea shell was the inspiration to make this unique nativity scene. This other one, uses light colored jewelery to show the birth of Jesus. For other artists, the inspiration came from the actual tools being used to make the nativity scene. Myriam LacerenzaArtist"When I was holding the spatula in my hand I saw St. Joseph. That?s when I started assembling all the material I was working with.”Things you may find inside a tool box are used in this nativity scene. Stars are made out of nails. St. Joseph?s and Mary?s clothing is made out of sand paper and the body of baby Jesus is actually a trimming tool. It?s a way for international artists to celebrate Christmas in their own unique way, with their own culture and tradition. Mariacarla Menaglia“100 Presepi” Exhibit (Rome)“The nativity scenes that come from Latin America are full of color and you can see the enthusiasm. Whereas those that come from Northern Europe are very structured, beautiful and somber.”The exhibit is just outside “Piazza del Popolo” in Rome?s Sala del Bramante. From now until January 8th, all 190 nativity scenes are on display for the world to see. KLH AMJM-PR