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Rome Reports

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Pope blesses Nativity scene, given as gift by a Mexican delegation

Benedict XVI“The best gift given to us is His friendship, His presence, His love.”Benedict XVI also spoke about the importance of trust in God. He said that part of the problem?s solution is to ask God for help and leave it in His hands.Benedict XVI“Our example of prayer can open our hearts to our brothers and sisters in need and point others to God’s saving presence in our world.” The pope greeted a delegation from the Mexican state of Puebla, with the Governor Rafael Moreno Valle at the head of the group. He made special reference to his upcoming trip to Cuba and Mexico.Benedict XVI“I appreciate your presence and the beautiful Mexican crafts you have brought, and I hope, with God?s help, that I can visit your country.”The group of Mexicans brought the pope a Nativity and Christmas tree decorations that adorned the Paul VI Audience Hall. The pope then took notice of the scene at the end of the audience. ;PH/AECTVGDP-BN