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Rome Reports

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A living Nativity brings Christmas to the streets of Rome

They represented each of the passages of the Nativity story. They then read some texts written by Benedict XVI and Mother Teresa. It was also a sound and light show directed by Jan Michelini, who has been part of Hollywood films such as “The Passion of Christ”.Jan MicheliniDirector “Living Nativity in Trastevere”“The beauty of this representation is that it has created a unity among many people who have come to help this charity event. It?s very nice because it?s to praise the baby Jesus.”Rosalba GiugniMareVivo Association“It?s a spectacular event that wants to revive the mysterious story of the Nativity of Jesus. We identify with all those people who think that Christmas is not just buying gifts, they believe it?s joy for the birth of Jesus.”Spectator“I am in Rome for few days, this is the first Christmas we?ve done here. It?s really magic. I?m from London and we don?t have it like this in London. It?s really lovely, all the fairy lights and the choir is very lovely.”Actor“This is the first time this has been done in Trastevere. Our parish wanted to do this live nativity scene, with everything, the sheep, the Virgin Mary, the complete Nativity scene.”The Living Nativity was also made to help disadvantaged people. During the performance a collection was made of toys for a children?s hospital, as well as food for the Community of Sant?Egidio and clothing for the prisoners at the Regina Coeli prison in Rome.PH/AEAS-JMBN