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Rome Reports

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Best of 2011. April: Pope takes part in a TV program

During a general audience, Benedict XVI expressed concern over the growing hostilities at that time in Libya and the Ivory Coast. Benedict XVI April 6, 2011“Violence and hate is always a lost cause! I therefore make a renewed and heartfelt appeal to all parties to the cause to initiate a process of peacemaking and dialogue, and to avoid further bloodshed.”On April 16, the pope turned 84 years old and received a number of emails from the faithful wishing him a happy birthday. The Vatican was then filled with the celebrations in preparation for Holy Week, including Palm Sunday that held a procession in St. Peter?s Square. As custom dictates during Easter, the pope washed the feet of 12 priests in memory of the original act committed by Jesus. That same week, Benedict XVI became the first pope to hold a question and answer session on television. The first question came from a seven year old Japanese girl. Many of her friends had died or disappeared after the Japanese earthquake. She asked the pope how God could allow the suffering of children. Benedict XVIApril 22, 2011. “We don?t have the answers but we know that Jesus suffered just like you, because he too was ; innocent. The true God who comes to life in Jesus is with us. Even in sadness, when we don?t have all the answers, God is on our side and that will help us.”Also as a part of Holy Week, Benedict XVI attended a Ways of the Cross ceremony at the Colosseum, remembering the twelves stations of Jesus carrying the cross. AE