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Best of 2011. September: Pope in Germany, his most important trip

In a lengthy response, the Vatican said the nuncio was cautiously seeking to avoid that good intentions lead to the challenge of canon processes. They also noted that at the time, the Irish Parliament had decided that it was not mandatory to report cases of abuse.The Irish government did not withdraw its suspicions, but said it hoped to reopen dialogue with the Vatican. ;

Later that month the pope made a visit to his home country of Germany. ; He gave 17 speeches, including one to the nation?s parliament, where he called on lawmakers to do what?s right and not what?s popular.

Benedict XVI September 22, 2011“For most of the matters that need to be regulated by law, the support of the majority can be sufficient criterion. Yet it?s evident that for the fundamental issues of law, in which the dignity of man and of humanity is at stake, the majority principle is not enough.”

During the trip, he also visited the former Augustinian Monastery where Martin Luther studied before leading the Protestant Reformation. As a sign of Christian unity, he also met with Lutherans, urging them to fight against secularization. ;That month, the Vatican also made an offer to welcome Lefebvrians back into the Catholic Church. The invitation stated that if the traditionalist group accepts fundamental points of doctrine, it will be welcomed back. ; In December, their superior Bishop Bernard Felay, publicly rejected the Vatican offer.