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Rome Reports

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Best of 2011. October: Pope and World religious leaders meet in Assisi to call for peace

Benedict XVI Assisi, October 27, 2011“Violence never again! War never again! Terrorism never again! In the name of God, may every religion bring upon the earth Justice and Peace, Forgiveness and Life, Love.” Among the representatives were Bartholomew I, who is the main leader of the Orthodox Church, as well as Anglican Primate, Rowan Williams, the prince of Jordan and the Chief Rabbi of Rome. The meeting was the third of its kind. The first one began under John Paul II in 1986. Earlier that month, the Vatican also greeted its new governor. With this simple ceremony, Italian Archbishop Giovanni Bertello was welcomed to his new post. During that very ceremony, the Vatican?s new Secretary of the Governorate, Giuseppe Sciacca was also welcomed. That department is responsible for the Vatican?s administrative issues, which include its currency, postal service, police force and museums. In mid October the pope openly condemned the deadly attacks that killed roughly 25 Coptic Christian?s in Egypt?s capital. Another 200 people were also injured. Benedict XVIOctober 12, 2011“I feel the sorrow of the victim?s families and the entire Egyptian people, who are torn by attempts to undermine the peaceful coexistence between its communities, which is important to preserve, especially in this time of transition.” Also in October, in light of the economic crisis, the Vatican released a proposal for a new approach toward the world?s financial markets. It was called “Reforming the International Financial System.” It asked a for a “Global Public Authority” that can make sure all players are following the rules of the game. Leonardo BecchettiEconomist, Università Tor Vergata (Rome)“To protect some of the global public goods, there needs to be a quick international coordination among States. For example, on issues like pollution and also financial stability. We need better international coordination, quicker responses and true representation.” The document is not part of the papal Magisterium but a way to improve discussions between different countries and institutions to ease the pain of the economic crisis. KLH RR--BN