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Rome Reports

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Pope baptizes 16 babies in the Sistine Chapel

During his homily, the pope talked to parents about responsibility, especially when it comes to educating their children on faith.Benedict XVI“Educating is very demanding; it is sometimes arduous because of our human capacities, which are always limited. But education becomes a wonderful mission if it is done in collaboration with God, who is the first and true educator of every man.”With the frescoes in the background, the pope said, the best way to educate children is through example, by welcoming prayer and the Sacraments. Benedict XVI“Parents must give so much, but in order to give, they too need to receive. Otherwise, they become empty and dry.”To truly educate children, the pope said, parents must learn how to teach and also how to stand aside. Benedict XVI“A true teacher does not bind people to him, he is not possessive. Instead the teacher wants the son or disciple to learn the truth and establish a personal relationship with it.”This yearly celebration, was held on the first Sunday after the Epiphany. It marked the Feast of the Lord?s Baptism and it also concluded the season?s Christmas celebrations. KLH CTVGdP-BN