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Pope to Italian politicians: The economic crisis is an opportunity to rediscover values

Benedict XVI“The present crisis can, then, be an opportunity for the entire community to verify whether the values upon which social life is founded have generated a society that is just, fair and united, or whether it is necessary to undertake a profound change in order to rediscover values.”The crisis, said the pope, doesn?t just deal with economics. It?s also deeply connected to individualism. The president of the Province of Rome agreed. Nicola ZingarettiProvince of Rome, President“The economic crisis has quickly transformed into a social crisis, risking civil degradation and that of human relationships.”During his speech the pope also talked about the role of education, specifically how in the long run, it can lead people out of the crisis. Benedict XVI“The values that for centuries have made Rome and its surrounding territories, a light for the world, could be used to renew the foundation that can improve the future of all.”The pope also called on institutions to support families during this crisis, especially large families. He also urged them to help the unemployed youth.KLH CTVHC-BN