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Pope calls journalists to reflect on the power of silence... and Twitter

Msgr. Claudio Maria CelliPresident, Pontifical Council for Social Communications“I think that it?s not only his personal characteristics but probably his knowledge, his thinking, his reflection about the human being is helping us to rediscover what it means to give an authentic deep sense, human sense to my communication.” The pope?s message also says that communication has largely moved to search engines and social networks on the web. It notes that questions and answers are frequently posted online, but to focus on important issues, one should also consider silence. Angelo ScelzoUnder-Secretary, Pontifical Council for Social Communications“The Church introduces silence as a moment of reflection, as a compliment to the word. With silence, the word is more heavy, more profound and more meaningful, when it has grown from the reflection point of silence. Silence is a form of high communication.” The pope also mentioned the power of technology. He says that attention should be given to various websites and social networks that promote authentic questioning and reflection. He also talked about the power of Twitter style comments, saying in short phrases, often no longer than a verse from the Bible, profound thoughts can be communicated.”AEFFHC-PR