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Pope ends Week of Prayer for Christian Unity during a visit to St. Paul Basilica

Benedict XVI“When we implore the gift of unity among the disciples of Christ, we take on the wish of Jesus Christ. On the Eve of His Passion and death, He prayed to the Father, asking: May they be one.”Benedict XVI invited all Christians to remain faithful to Jesus Christ by uniting against ; injustice, hatred and despair. ;Benedict XVI“United in Christ, we are called to share His mission which is to bring hope where injustice, hatred and despair dominates.”He then added that Christian unity is not achieved within a short time, ; but rather it?s a task that requires patience and attention.Benedict XVI“The visible unity of the Church must be achieved with patience and confidence. Under this will, our prayers and our daily commitment to Christian unity find a sense of direction. Patience does not mean passivity or resignation, but a careful and quick response to any possibility of communion and fraternity that the Lord gives us.”Every year, the pope takes part in this brief but symbolic celebration, which coincides with the feast of the Conversion of St. Paul.PH/KLH ;CTV ;JM ;- BN