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Daniel Pajuelo: religious who speaks about God through rap music

Daniel PajueloReligious Rapper“It?s easy for young people ; to learn by memory. They find it easy to learn phrases that have a message behind it. Nowadays, they don?t ; learn the Creed, but they can learn a rap song that length wise, is basically the Creed six times over.”Daniel, known as SMDANI, gives away what was given to him for free. In 2009, he released his first album ?Giving life 3^N? which can be downloaded on his website. He says he?s not looking for fame, but only hopes to continue helping people through his lyrics.Daniel PajueloReligious Rapper“I hope there is a restlessness in my heart to explore this concern because you can?t only do rap. You need something to talk about and that something, in one way or another is always Jesus.”His responsibilities as a religious have not allowed him to give many concerts. Although during World Youth Day in Madrid, he welcomed Benedict XVI and the Spanish Nuncio with a concert alongside other rappers. His song ?Come to me? is also on the official CD for the event.He says ; he doesn?t want to commit his life to just rapping, but thinks many young people can find their calling through this art form. Daniel PajueloReligious Rapper“The big problem is that a person deserves to make a living from their work. And at least in Spain, it?s difficult for a Catholic author to do this.”SMDANI now lives in Rome. He?s a seminarian who spends a big part of his time, studying theology. In his spare time he writes. Daniel PajueloReligious Rapper“1,2,3 yeah. Esta vez para Romereports. Esto no es pop, esto es hip hop. Yeah”For this religious rapper, the New Evangelization means to speak about God in new and different way-and that includes rapping to the beat of music.OFL/AEFFHC-PR