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Rome Reports

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Vatican supports new e-center that aims to prevent cases of sexual abuse

The website was launched after more than 130 bishops and religious heads from all over the world, gathered in Rome to discuss ;appropriate ways to prevent and handle cases of sexual abuse. ;

The Archdiocese of Munich was heavily involved in the project. In fact, Cardinal Reinhart Marx of Munich is hoping this initiative will help pave the way towards true healing and renewal. ;

Card. Reinhart Marx

Arch. Munich, Germany

“We were all deeply shocked by the extent of abuse and the how far reaching and broad the failure of the clergy was in exploiting their relationship with children and adolescents.”

The training is offered in English, Spanish, Italian and German. After completing 30 hours of successful training, students will receive a certificate from the Pontifical Gregorian University. ;Experts from Germany?s University Clinic of Ulm will also give their input. ;

This initiative has a budget of $1.6 million dollars for its first three years. The funding is divided among different dioceses, private funding and the Papal Foundation. ;


RR/Gregorian University