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Cardinal Scola: Our challenge is showing people how beautiful it is to have a relationship with God

Card. Angelo ScolaArchbishop of Milan, Italy“I?m happy and a bit excited, it?s logical. But really, I think this tribute may be a bit overblown. The book I received as a tribute includes many texts, many of which are original, others I personally wrote.”The articles he?s referring to, are in this book ; titled “Your Grace is Enough,” which is also his personal episcopal motto. The university gave it to him as a gift. It includes several of his writings as well as articles where he?s referenced. ; Aside from the celebration, the Cardinal also took time to talk about some of the challenges faced by the Church. Card. Angelo ScolaArchbishop of Milan, Italy“I think the biggest challenge faced by the Church is something that?s constantly reiterated by the Holy Father. It?s finding new ways to show everyday people, the beauty, goodness and truth of having a personal relationship with Christ. The New Evangelization must make clear that the relationship with God is a key resource for mankind.”When it comes to technology, the Cardinal doesn?t hold back. He has a website in English, Spanish and Italian and he?s also very active on Twitter where he has more than 4,000 followers. Card. Angelo ScolaArchbishop of Milan, Italy“It ?s fundamental. We must never forget that the the web is an instrument. More than words, evangelizing has a direct end and purpose which is to communicate that Christ is the Savior of mankind. To get that message out, we must use all appropriate means, including the Internet.”Over the years, Cardinal Scola has authored about 50 books. He?s also been a contributing writer for more than 150 academic reviews and books that deal with family, globalization and politics. Back in 2004, he also launched a foundation called “Oasis” which is meant to build bridges and promote dialoguebetween Christianity and Islam. PH/KLH ;AMJM ;-PR