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Meet the new Cardinal from Canada: Archbishop Thomas Collins

When it comes to religion, Collins says, Canada faces some of the same challenges as the U.S. Problems like secularism and families not attending Mass regularly. But he also says Canadians have vibrant faith. He adds that Catholics should be firm in their faith, not aggressive, but bold. Card. Thomas CollinsArchbishop Toronto, Canada“We are in a world in which there is very often a great deal of criticism of faith. I think we need to say ?wait a second, we are a people of faith. We make a good contribution to society and so we need to have a place in this conversation.?”In addition to being the Archbishop of Toronto, Cardinal Collins will also advise the Pope. When it comes down to it, he says, it?s all about ; trying to be a good priest. Card. Thomas CollinsArchbishop Toronto, Canada“The call to the priesthood comes deep in the heart and it comes from the bishop when he calls you to the priesthood. All the other calls come more externally. You get a phone call and you say ?Oh,? and the Church makes you move here and there.”Collins says a quote from St. Hildegard of Bingen summarizes it all very well. ; It reads “To be a feather on the breath of God.” Card. Thomas CollinsArchbishop Toronto, Canada“Just to say, here I am Lord, I come to do your will.”Cardinal Collins has been serving as the Archbishop of Toronto since January 2007. He says a big issue is people who take their faith for granted. He added that he?s looking forward to promoting new plans to reach out to those who have distanced themselves from their Catholic faith and the Church. KLH AMHCMGZ