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Aid to the Church in Need pays homage to its founder, Werenfried Van Straaten

Msgr. Sante BabolinPresident, Aid to the Church in Need (Italy)“The main purpose of “Aid to the Church in Need” is precisely to help the Church and its members. It?s about helping all Christians, not only Catholics. We also help a lot of Christians in Eastern Russia. We help them materially, but also with tools like publications, catechisms, books and Bibles.”Massimo IlardoDirector, Aid to the Church in Need (Italy)“We are very attentive to the needs of the Church, to the needs of priests, nuns and seminarians. It?s a matter of providing help in those areas that are loosing strength like Nigeria, South Sudan, Egypt and Iraq.”“Aid to the Church in Need” was founded by priest Werenfried Van Straaten, who was mostly known for his humanitarian work. He died in 2003, but his legacy is still quite alive. Today the organization he created, continues to pay tribute to him in Rome. Msgr. Sante BabolinPresident, Aid to the Church in Need (Italy)“Father Werenfried had a very charismatic faith, so to speak. Even today, when we read about his life, we?re struck by the great faith of this man.”Massimo IlardoPresident, Aid to the Church Needs (Italy)“What I remember most about his personality is the great irony he used when he spoke about God. He once ended his homily by saying ?people are better than what they?re given credit for, and God is much greater than what we give Him credit for.?”The organization was founded in 1947. Currently 17 countries help raise funds to develop projects in 153 other countries where Christians risk their lives for practicing their faith. BR/KLH FFHC-MGZ