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Raniero Cantalamessa, preacher of the Pope, explains what he will speak about this Lent

This year he has decided to make the Year of Faith as the theme for his Lenten meditations to the Pope and the Vatican Curia. He will make a very unique approach, starting with the Fathers of the Church.Fr. Raniero CantalamessaPreacher of the Papal Household“This preaching during Lent is meant to be a contribution to the Year of the Faith. The theme of the Fathers of the Church as teachers of faith, to the most important truths of our faith. This Lent I?ll speak about the Greek Fathers as teachers of faith, the divinity of Christ, the Trinity, the Holy Spirit, and the knowledge of God.”It?s not so easy to preach to the pope. It?s a delicate job that since 1723 has been entrusted to the Order of Capuchin Friars. The importance of its history is not lost on Raniero Cantalamessa.Fr. Raniero CantalamessaPreacher of the Papal Household“I let myself be inspired by the problems or challenges that the Church is facing in a particular time and I looked to the Scriptures for a response to these modern questions.”His next four sermons are meant to aid the pope and the Vatican officials prepare for Easter. In addition to this, Raniero Cantalamessa will also preach before Benedict XVI in St. Peter?s Basilica during Good Friday.BR-JMB/AEAMJMPR