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Arch. Giovanni Becciu: Priests in Cuba are heroes

Msgr. Giovanni BecciuDeputy Vatican Secretariat of State“The people of Latin America should recognize this trip as a gesture of the Pope?s great love and concern. Taking on such a long trip isn?t easy.” ;He also adds, that the Pope?s visit will bring hope to Cuba?s people. In a way, the three day visit, will also highlight the work the Catholic Church does on the island.

Msgr. Giovanni BecciuDeputy Vatican Secretariat of State“It?s nice to think that the Pope is going as a pilgrim of Charity, which is the motto ; the Cuban Church is emphasizing for this trip. ; It?s a way to highlight the charity and love the ; Church has for the people of Cuba. That has been the strength, that has attracted the admiration of the Cuban believers and non-believers.”

Giovanni Becciu says Benedict XVI already has his speeches ready for the trip. To prepare, the Pope has set time aside to pray for the two apostolic trips.

Msgr. Giovanni Angelo BecciuDeputy Vatican Secretariat of State“He has prepared very quietly, but with a lot of motivation and enthusiasm. ; He wants to get to know the Mexican people and the Cuban people, by directly seeing the reality of these two countries.”

The situation of the Church in these two countries is very different. Significantly, in Mexico there are 16,234 priests, while in Cuba there are only 361. Becciu says those few priests are true heroes.

Archbishop Giovanni Angelo BecciuDeputy Vatican Secretariat of State“I truly admire the ; work of these priests. It?s work that?s done quietly and discretely. They can?t take part in large external initiatives, but they have a supernatural spirit, that doesn?t shy away from sacrifice. They have a ; desire to give and to care for the poor; and this makes them heroes.” ;

The Pope?s trip to Mexico and Cuba marks his second visit to Latin America. His first visit was back in 2007, when he visited Brazil. He?s planning on going back to Latin American on July 2013, to celebrate World Youth Day in Rio.