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Rome Reports

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Forum UNIV: 4,000 students attend international congress in Rome

Stefan Mückl President, UNIVForum 2012“The truth is that beauty is an integral part of human beings. It allows people to fully develop their thinking and talent. In essence, it?s what makes humans, human.”The conference includes exhibits, concerts, workshops and also several speakers, like Ennio Morricone, who composed the soundtracks for the film ?The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.? Also speaking is Etsuro Sotoo, one of the sculptors of Barcelona?s ; Holy Family, and Dr. Scott Hahn, writer and theologian, who authored “Rome, Sweet Home.”Stefan Mückl President, UNIV Forum 2012“These guests are very well prepared, they?re very good at what they do. But we shouldn?t forget others who will be at the conference. From the attendees, to those who will present exhibits. It?s a conference that will touch on the importance of many subjects.”In fact, some of the participants will attend the Pope?s weekly general audience. This year, the group is hoping to give the Pope a card to thank him for his recent trip to Latin America. The UNIV meeting is a way for youths from different countries and cultures to interact and celebrate Easter in Rome. ; ; ;