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Authors Dr. Scott Hahn and wife Kimberly speak at UNIV Congress

Dr. Scott Hahn

Author, “Rome Sweet Home”

“The theme of this UNIV congress which is ?The Truth of Beauty? reminds us that beauty is not just something that we just make up. The truth of the faith is not simply imposed by authority. It is experienced in a human way.”

Dr. Hahn is a former Presbyterian minister before converting to Catholicism during Easter of 1986. He talks about the story of his conversion as well as his wife?s in their co-authored book “Rome Sweet Home”. He says that Catholic converts should be a source of pride for the Church.

Dr. Scott Hahn

Author, “Rome Sweet Home”

“I find that so many of the converts who are enriching the Catholic intellectual tradition through their conversions are going to help.”

After going through his conversion, he set out to set up a support group for other Non-Catholic clergy members that were thinking of making the jump to Catholicism. Dr. Hahn says he was surprised by the amount of response that he received.

Dr. Scott Hahn

Author, “Rome Sweet Home”

“We formed the Coming Home Network about 17 or 18 years ago thinking there were going to be dozens of people, not realizing that there weren?t going to be dozens of people, there were going to be hundreds of pastors, ministers, and missionaries.”

A few of those attending this conference were also converts and shared their stories with Dr. Hahn and his wife. They replied that stories such as theirs were the backbone of the Catholic faith.