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Rome Reports

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Reactions to announcement of Benedict XVI as Pope

“It?s really exciting. It?s a new page for the Church. And I think he will be a great Pope, he has been very pastoral in his approach to the Church and in his teaching.”

“He was the media favorite coming in everyone kind of expected him. They all say he is kind of the interim Pope”

“I?m very happy, ;I?m catholic Irish and it?s very auspicious that we are in Rome today. We are here on a business conference but we actually have a tour booked to the vatican tomorrow. The rest of group went back to the hotel and we decided to stay.”

;“I think in the end, just the fact that they made a decision, there is solidarity there, that?s a good thing for the Church and hopefully he?ll be able to stick to the program and do well. ”

"I was hoping it would be Ratzinger. I came over from London especially to be here this week. I?m delighted we made a choice very quickly. I think he will keep the orthodoxy of the Church, I don?t think that?s ever been in question. But he will stick to the moral values which make the Catholic Church unique and that?s what we need to stand up for in a world which is changing, that there should be moral certainties."