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"Young Answer" prepare new catechesis videos for mobile devices

Without expecting much of a response, after releasing their 25 videos, they saw a large impact in the media. The group of young people began receiving thousands of messages, some in support and some against their videos which created an online debate. ;

The Arguments team is now working on a new series of videos that will be presented in a few weeks.

Lucía Martínez


“This second batch of videos that will come out in May addresses issues concerning the Church. The others were the most controversial and now we wanted to talk about what really is the essential message of Christianity and the Church.”

In this second installment of Arguments, they speak about prayer, service to others, vocations and happiness. They are also working on a project of catechesis for children, made in a cartoon.

Rodrigo Pout


“We have two interactive catechisms, one on the sacrament of Confirmation and one on Communion. We?re exporting the Confirmation catechesis to mobile platforms that can run on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.”

Their goal is to present the Catechism of the Church in an easy way to understand for children and young people. It?s a way to bring these teachings in a new format from the traditional book. ;

Rodrigo Pout


“We rely on a book called ?Jesus is the Lord?, written by the Spanish Episcopal Conference. It is an adaptation of the Catechism, which is a great book that we wanted to bring to a more interactive format, more audiovisual.”

Catechesis for children and videos for youth are two of the projects by Arguments. They are a generation of pioneers in religious content, bringing traditional teachings to the XXI century.




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