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Mapping out the New Evangelization

ALFONSO RIOBO Director, 'Palabra Magazine.' "The New Evangelization is not only or even primarily about actions or activities, as if the Church would suddenly call us to start a movement. All of that per say, has already been done. John Paul II and now Benedict XVI have addressed that. What we need to do is put our imagination to work, but really, the bottom line, the message and foundation already exists.â? This map of the New Evangelization includes how and where the Internet can be used to spread the Gospel. Also the role of families, the youth and of course the liturgy. But the magazineâ??s director says the true essence of the http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mk59nKMhlRg. ALFONSO RIOBO Director, 'Palabra Magazine' "It would be difficult to transmit the message of the Gospel if itâ??s not part of my life. The Gospel is not only information. It canâ??t be sold as just another book, without any special attention to the specifics and what the Gospel truly means.â? The Spanish magazine, has been published for 50 years. Despite the Internet boom, its director says the magazine is still relevant, especially because it offers information that can be used in oneâ??s formation. ALFONSO RIOBO Director, 'Palabra Magazine' "For 50 years now, the magazine has given its readers information thatâ??s related to the Church. This has been done in a positive way, by contributing to the formation of its readers, reporting on issues like the relationship between Faith and Culture and also Science and Faith. Also those aspects that are both  spiritual and even social actions of Christians. We intend, God willing, to continue working on the same line as long as possible.â? The Synod on the New Evangelization will be held at the Vatican from October 7th to the 28th. Bishops from all over the world will be there, and more than likely theyâ??ll come across this map. PH/KLH -FF - - MGZ