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Rome Reports

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A billion videos for the New Evangelization

For three months, Demoor traveled more than 1800 miles with only his bicycle, clothes, camping equipment and a video camera. ; Thanks to people's hospitality, he only stayed in a sleeping tent for seven nights. The other 94, he was welcomed by strangers. Demoor says he would start off every day by going to Mass. Along the way, he met hundreds who shared their stories, everything from their conversion to their vocation and their own evangelization journey. He talked to several people about God. Among them was an elderly Palestinian woman who ; now lives in the U.S. She left her country after being persecuted for her Christian beliefs. In addition to Catholics, he also recorded the conversations he had with Buddhists, Protestants and even atheists who converted to Catholicism. In time, Demoor began receiving videos from ; all over the world, with personal stories, which he then posted on a website called onebillionstories. PH/KLH onebillionstories.com - - PR