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Rome Reports

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More Than Gold helps to prepare believers for Summer Olympics

David Wilson CEO, More than Gold (UK) "These outreach programs provided many opportunities for us to be able to have one on one conversations and ministry with people from all various different countries and also from the locals as well.â? The group plans on working with churches not just in London but throughout the UK. The churches will welcome visitors to their cities with different performers, dancers, and representatives from local churches.   Rev Janet Binns Oxford Diocese Olympics Co-ordinator "There is so much that we can be doing, whilst we're not in London. There will still be a lot of people passing through this diocese that we can reach out to in lots of different ways.â? In the 2010 winter Olympics in Vancouver, "More than Goldâ? passed out warm beverages and provided home-stays for visitors. Over 4,000 volunteers showed up in Vancouver offering their help.   They will provide similar programs in the different Olympic cities, such as information booths and hospitality centers. David Wilson CEO, More than Gold "All around me I can see people getting ready for the games and the churches need to do the same. And that's why 'More than Gold' exists to help churches get engaged with the games.â?   More than Gold is planning to have over 3,000 churches involved and will pass out 1 million cups of water. It's a way to show Christian spirit to everyone that will be present for the Olympics. AE MTG VM -BN