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Rome Reports

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From Rio to Rome...Brazilians cheer on the Pope during general audience

"We love our Church, we love our Pope.�

They all cheered when they saw the Pope during Wednesday's general audience at the Vatican. As the country with the most Catholics in the world, they say the Vatican has a special place in their hearts. "For us, being here at the Vatican and the Papal audience is such a pleasure.�

"It's a moment of excitement, happiness and joy to be here at the Vatican with people from all over the world.�

They say coming to Rome and to the Vatican has been a lifelong wish that today, came true. And if it seems like Brazilians cheered the loudest during and after the general audience.....

Viva Brazil!!!!

They say it's just because they're getting ready for the Pope's visit to Rio for World Youth Day.

"Next year, he will go to Brazil for the World Youth Day and Brazil will be very happy.�

And some extra cheers, are always welcomed....

"Yes, Brazil, Brazil, Brazil!!�