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An exhibit on the life and inner flame of St. Therese of Lisieux

ÉLISABETH DE BALANDA Commissioner, Thérí¨se of Lisieux: 'The Burn of Love' "The exhibition has a message, which is one of joy. Therese was a very joyful woman. It carries a message of serenity and confidence in God. This is reflected in the images. A quiet and joyful surrender in Jesus.â? PIERRE FORTIN Vice President, Friends of Thérí¨se and of the Carmel of Lisieux "She brings consolation to people. She brings graces, she brings conversions, she brings healing. And she brings healing to the people that suffer like she suffered. But she brings something else, which is more stronger, which is what we are trying to bring. She is a message not only of hope but of courageâ?. LAURENT PRADES Notre Dame Cathedral (Paris) "We've been very surprised by the public reaction. We knew she had global impact, but we didn't know or even imagine that visitors from all over, had heard of her.â? What is ironic to many is that the short life of St. Therese of Lisieux wasn't that extraordinary. She didn't create an order, she didn't preach to thousands of people nor was she understood by those around her. She did however, create the so called "little way,â? which was a type of spiritual journey based on her trust and love for God. The exhibit includes 36 panels that represent the different types of 'love' Therese experienced. For example the love within her family. She was one of four sisters and was close to her father. Her mother died when he was still a child. Then, the love she felt for the Virgin Mary, which also marked her life and her experiences. Then there's also the saints who inspired her the most like, St. John of the Cross, St. Teresa of Avila, Magdalene, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Cecilia and St. Joan of Arc, patron saint of France. ÉLISABETH DE BALANDA Commissioner, "Thérí¨se of Lisieux: 'The Burn of Love' "Therese had an inner fire. She loves everything. She wants everything. Inside the church she wanted to be love. And this strong inner passion is what we used to title the exhibit: "The Burn of Love.â? PIERRE FORTIN Vice President, Friends of Thérí¨se and of the Carmel of Lisieux "The aim of this exhibition is really to go to places where Therese hasn't gone: to prisons, to hospitals, to places where people suffer.â? The idea to have this exhibit, came from the 'Association of Friends of Therese and Carmel of Lisieux'. It will eventually be taken to hospitals and even prisons, and perhaps next year it will also make its way to Rio for the coming World Youth Day. JMB/KLH RR -VM -BN