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Teresian Association: Promoting change through education and formation

MAITE URIBE Director General, Teresian Association "The important thing for us is our mission of evangelizing. We see it as response to trigger dialogue with other cultures, whether it be in an educational setting or a cultural setting. It's all about returning to the roots of the institution.â?

They say their mission and even their identity is based on bringing faith to all cultures. It's a matter of following the example of the early Christians and also that of St. Teresa of Jesus.

MAITE URIBE Director General, Teresian Association "We live for the poorest and the most disadvantaged. We try to make profound changes starting with their mentality.  Ideas like not getting carried away by consumerism, living in solidarity, helping the disadvantaged, giving them a voice. All this can be done by providing a complete education.â?

St. Peter Poveda founded the Academy of Oviedo in 1911, which eventually gave life to the Teresian Institute. Before passing away, he left detailed writings about key points members should always have in mind. They include welcoming the Holy Spirit in one's life and putting Christ at the center of it all. Having a strong devotion to Mary and feeling a sense of belonging to the Church. As a group, it also welcomes the challenge of fighting poverty in society.

MAITE URIBE Director General, Teresian Association "In society we're faced with the challenge of fighting for justice in the world. We feel a personal commitment to fight poverty, even though it can be an overwhelming reality.â?

The Teresian Institute is present in 30 countries. It seeks to improve society through education and culture.