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Card. Erdö: The role of families in the New Evangelization

CARD. PETER ERDí? Archbishop of Budapest (Hungary) "The main points are, the notions of the New Evangelization, that we've talked about for years now. They all revolve around once central idea: who is the active subject in  this new evangelization. We are convinced that the missionaries are Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit working through the Church.â? The Archbishop said the role of lay people is essential in the New Evangelization, since at a local level, lay people must collaborate with priests, especially when it comes to passing down the faith to younger generations. CARD. PETER ERDí? Archbishop of Budapest (Hungary)  "In our diocese of Budapest, we have 200 diocesan priests. But each year,  I've personally signed at least 350 mandates for religion teachers, especially for people who have studied theology and are working in schools or parishes.â? Since it's within the family that one's formation begins, Erdí¶ says its crucial for the lay community to make a commitment to the faith. Only then, can a true collaboration emerge among families, priests and the religious. BR/KLH AA - -PR