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An Atlas on the history of Christian Liturgy

PROF. EPHREM CARRPresident, Pontifical Institute of Sacred Liturgy ; (Rome)“The author has written other books on the liturgy, but this is the first of its kind. Normally he writes scientific texts, but the Atlas is a popular approach. There is a good selection of images, and also maps of the Middle Ages and the modern period.”In a total of 50 chapters, the author also analyzes the development of places of worship, music, architecture and liturgical vestments. It includes the Roman tradition, but also those from the Eastern Church and also the Protestant. PROF. EPHREM CARRPresident, Pontifical Institute of Sacred Liturgy ; (Rome)“So it addresses things like, when did Church ministers have weekly contact with people? Well, in the liturgy. The book also has a chapter on preaching. It?s important for people to understand the liturgy, but also preaching, explanations and the catechesis.”This unique atlas is available in English, French, Italian and Spanish. But the author is hoping to have it translated into many more languages, since the liturgy has no boundaries.PROF. SILVANO MAGGIANIAssociazione dei Professori e Cultori della Liturgia (Italy)“I think it will be helpful. It?s not just informative, it?s also educational. The texts are combined with different information that helps people understand the Liturgy and its development. It?s also an invitation for believers to live their faith. For non-believers or people with cultural concerns, the book has information that can reflect on.”At its very core, the Atlas of the Liturgy is an attempt to make the rich history and traditions of the Liturgy accessible and understandable to all. OFL @ odelafu /KLH AA-GDP-PR