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Pope makes repeated request for global authority to oversee human dignity

BENEDICT XVI ORIG. ITALIAN "Although the defence of rights has advanced by leaps and bounds in our time, today's culture, marked among other things by a utilitarian individualism and a technocratic economism, tends to undervalue the person.â? The Pope recalled that Christianity provides an ample vision in life that allows people to understand the fundamental dignity of each person. BENEDICT XVI ORIG. ITALIAN "Today the human being "is considered in a mainly biological key or as 'human capital,' as a 'resource' of sexual and reproductive rights, or of an immoderate financial capitalism that prevails over politics and takes the real economy apartâ? That is the reason Benedict XVI invited the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace to work to spread the Church's social doctrine, and not abandon people against a system that isolates them. BENEDICT XVI ORIG. ITALIAN "In spite of being immersed in an infinite network of relations and communication the person today often appears paradoxically as an isolated being, because he is indifferent with regard to the constitutive relationship of his being â?? which is the root of all other relationships â?? his relationship with God.â? The Pope thanked the Council for spreading the message of his encyclical Caritas in Veritate, which goes in-depth into the topic. RCG/RCA CTV JM -BN