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November 2012: Pope launches new book

"Vicenzo is the youngest. He's 73 year old.â? "He's young, he's only 12 years younger than me. I'm 85 years old.â? "I'm very happy that you came to be a part of our family.â? "You came to meet with the elderly who suffer so much. You're visit is exciting.â? Before leaving, the Pope urged them to avoid being sad because life is beautiful. BENEDICT XVI  "Life is also beautiful at our age.  Despite any pain or limitation, our face must always show the joy that comes with being loved by God. It should not reflect sadness.â? In November, the Pope published his book Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives, where he explains in a new way the early years of the life of Christ. He first mentions historical elements and explains them using faith. He goes on to write that the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem is not a children story, but a historical fact with decisive consequences today. PAOLO MIELI President, Editoriali Rizzoli  "It's not just a book about Jesus, written by a great pastor. It is a book by Joseph Ratzinger, a person who will go down in the history of European culture.â? The book concluded his trilogy on Jesus, which began before being elected Pope, and continued, often using his free time to finish it during his pontificate. At the end of the month, the Pope led a Consistory with the creation of six new cardinals. This ceremony stood out in that none of the six new cardinals are from Europe. The new members of the College of Cardinals include Colombian Ruben Salazar Gomez, American James Harvey, Nigerian John Onaiyekan, Filipino Luis Antonio Tagle, Indian Baselios Thottunkal, and Lebanese Boutros Rai. During the ceremony, Cardinal Tagle, from Manila, was unable to hold back tears. CARD. LUIS ANTONIO TAGLE Archbishop of Manila (Philippines) "I cry easily, and I guess when you are before a great mystery that you know is beyond you, a calling, a grace, a mission, then, you know, you  tremble, but at the same time you're happy.â? The month ended with a unique, first of a kind musical album recorded at the Vatican. It's the first Christmas album from the Swiss Guard, the men tasked with the Pope's security. It features traditional holiday folk songs and hymns from around the globe. JMB/RCA RR PdG - MGZ