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Cardinal Maradiaga: Work is a human right

CARD. OSCAR RODRIGUEZ MARADIAGAPresident, Caritas Internationalis ;“Today, it is believed that work depends on those that come to invest. But work is a human right. And it is a fundamental right, so all governments have to consider that.”He also argues that as the economic crisis develops, the concept of a poverty has changed drastically.CARD. OSCAR RODRIGUEZ MARADIAGAPresident, Caritas Internationalis“A poor person is the one that lacks the basic necessities, like eating, having potable water, health care, a home and a job.”Cardinal Maradiaga adds that despite the crisis in many European countries, donations to Caritas Internationalis remain stable, and have even increased in certain places.CARD. OSCAR RODRIGUEZ MARADIAGAPresident, Caritas Internationalis ;“Instead of diminishing, donations have gone up in the past year, in the midst of this crisis, in the midst of poverty When people understand that each small contribution adds up to something greater, this is certainly happening in many countries around the world.” This movement is the latest push in a storied battle against poverty. A battle that Caritas launched in 1867 to carry out the charity work of the Catholic Church in an organized manner, throughout the entire world.BR/RCarrMGGdP-PR