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Cardinal Cañizares: The most urgent reform is liturgical formation


Prefect, Congregation for Divine Worship ;

“For example, when members of the Society of St. Pius X, founded by Archbishop Lefebvre, participate in a Eucharistic celebration, that?s celebrated well, they say if it were celebrated like this in all places, our division from the Catholic Church, would not have been necessary.” ;

Cardinal Cañizares is the Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship. He gave a closing statement at Spain?s Embassy to the Holy See, after a series of talks about the Second Vatican Council. He says, reforms still need to be carried out, but reforms is not always synonymous with change. ;


Prefect, Congregation for Divine Worship ;

“Right now, the most urgent reform is one that deals with liturgical formation. At this point, we lack this type of formation.” ;

The prefect says the future of the Church, largely depends on deeply understanding and explaining the liturgy and sacraments to others. ;


Prefect, Congregation for Divine Worship ;

“I would say there is no future for the Church and for humanity if there isn?t a renewed sense of liturgy and a sense of truth in liturgical celebrations. In the liturgy, we see the action of God. That same God who is present and carries out His mission of salvation.” ;

It?s precisely this point that the Church is emphasizing through the New Evangelization. The need to transmit the message of the Gospel, so that people may apply it, in a modern way to their daily lives. ;


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