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Rome Reports

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Historic library restored, ready for the public

JUAN MARIA MONTIJANO Historian, University of Malaga (Spain) "They've has been here since 1634, when Borromini built the library. Several of the books were already here and haven't been moved anywhere, which makes the library exceptional.� The library is located inside Rome's Church of St. Charles at the Four Fountains, guarded by the monks inside this Spanish monastery. It was built by Italian architect Francesco Borromini. Overall, there are 14,000 books. They range in topics from geography, to novels, such as one of the very first editions of Don Quixote, and of course, theology. JUAN MARIA MONTIJANO Historian, University of Malaga (Spain) "Starting in July, the library will be at the disposal of researchers, something that has never happened. It's historic.� The historic occasion, however would not have been possible without hard work. Decades of neglect left the books in delicate condition. The Monastery, working with the University of Malaga, and numerous other Spanish and Italian agencies worked to restore the place, from the shelves, to the books, which have since been cataloged. In a few more months, many people will be able to visit, and appreciate their work. JUAN MARIA MONTIJANO Historian, University of Malaga (Spain) "It will be one day a week, probably on Thursdays, but only with previously scheduled appointments visits done online.� Because of its fragility, only certain people will be allowed to handle the books, and visitors will be supervised at all times. Nonetheless, the library's keepers feel that is a small price to pay, for the immense value the will receive. RCA AA -VM -PR -u:SCar