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Priorities for next Pope: Religious freedom in Russia and China

FR. EDMUND DE LA VEGA China Prayer Group "Our brothers in China are walking on this pilgrimage, in a special way through their sufferings, trials and tribulations.â? In Russia there is no direct persecution, yet Catholics are marginalized from public life. During the pontificate of John Paul II, Russia was consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. But in recent years Russia has not been a priority in the papal agenda. On the other hand, relations with the Patriarchate of Moscow have improved greatly. FR. ALEKSANDER BURGOS Priest in Russia "There was a great enthusiasm at one time to talk about Russia, but now it seems that after Russia was consecrated, there is nothing else to do. This is not so; at least I donâ??t see it this way. The evangelization of Russia has also been entrusted to Catholics, not just to the Orthodox.â? Therefore, the next Pope will have to face this challenge, so that Christians are treated not as second-class citizens in Russia, China,  India and the Middle East. BR/JG RR - -PR U: