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Cardinal Bergoglio planned to retire and dedicate himself to prayer and parochial life

MSGR. EDUARDO GARCíA Auxiliary Bishop of Buenos Aires (Argentina) "His future plans were, once his resignation was accepted and his successor named, to live at a home in Buenos Aires for elderly and sick priests. He had already picked his room. He also would have lead a life of prayer, as an adviser to many, of spirituality, of celebrating Mass at the parishes. A normal life without governance.â? After many years of working together on a daily basis, Msgr. Garcia says the Pope's style is natural, and works well with his need to interact and be close to people. MSGR. EDUARDO GARCíA Auxiliary Bishop of Buenos Aires (Argentina) "No one calls in his name. When he was to give an interview, he was to give the answer, he has to say something. No one else will do it for him, 'You asked me for an interview, he cannot see you now.' He will call you directly to tell you come tomorrow at this time. With this he is very independent, in his desire for direct communication.â? During his years at the helm of the Church in Buenos Aires, his teachings and writings have established clear guidelines. MSGR. EDUARDO GARCíA Auxiliary Bishop of Buenos Aires (Argentina) "There are three words that can define him, unity, truth and mercy. Those are the words.â? The auxiliary bishop of Buenos Aires said Pope Francis' unpredictability, deep down, is natural, an extension of his faith, even though some perceive it as odd. MSGR. EDUARDO GARCIA Auxiliary Bishop of Buenos Aires (Argentina) "These are his anomalies, they may seem like anomalies, but we've been deforming life and what should be normal, now seems odd. It's to be beside those who need us, or to go beyond pre established notions to speak to one another, it may seem odd, but it's not.â? While the faithful in Buenos Aires, are happy to have a Pope from their land, they are also a bit saddened to lose a bishop who was so close to them. RCG MG -VM -PR -u:BR