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Cardinal Erdö: Pope Francis will give a social and spiritual push to the Church

CARD. PETER ERDÖArchbishop of Budapest (Hungary)“Choosing the name Francis is very symbolic. I think he wants to give a new push to the spiritual life of the Church. Back in his time St. Francis of Assisi represented a type of novelty-not only socially but at a spiritual level.”Erdo also talked about how the new Pope was the Chancellor of the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina. ; So he believes the importance of education will be a pillar of his pontificate. CARD. PETER ERDÖArchbishop of Budapest (Hungary)“He wants to be able to transmit the faith in a simple, direct way to every day people. But he also wants to show the richness of faith through a scientific, high level conversation.”With this goal in mind, the archbishop of Buenos Aires, now the newly elected Pope, created a department that focuses on educating people of different social classes. JMB @ JavierMbrocal /KLH MG-JM-PRup:SCar