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Rome Reports

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Rome displays original exhibit on Passion of the Christ

MARIACARLA MENAGLIA“Easter 3D” Exhibit"There are scenes from the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus. These Easter scenes are not very well known, but they existed in Naples in the 16th Century. Now it?s preserved inside monasteries, especially among sisters.”Some of these sets literal in their depiction, which illustrate everyday life, imitating the austerity and simplicity in their clothing and buildings of the time of Jesus. Other, more unusual ones, use palm trees, branches or banana peels to show moments ranging from the sentencing to the burial of Jesus.MARIACARLA MENAGLIA“Easter 3D” Exhibit ;“These scenes are very interesting because you can see a bit of the region?s culture. For example, in Puglia, in southern Italy, made with paper-mache. In Lombardy it?s made with a type of porcelain called limoges, which is no longer in use. Or Our Lady of Sorrows with crystal eyes, dressed in silk and her feet and hands made of wood, her face of terracotta.”For the first time, the city of Rome created an exhibit featuring these Easter sets from all of Italy. The exhibit, at the Piazza del Popolo, also includes an area featuring video and photos of cultural and religious manifestations throughout the world for Holy Week.VICMGVM- PRu:VIC