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Catholic group publishes book honoring seven Anglican martyrs killed in Oceania

REV. RICHARD CARTERChaplin, Melanesian Brotherhood“People think you?re protected by prayer, or that you?re gonna live charmed lives, but working for peace puts your life at risk.”The presentation of the book written by author Monica Attias, a member of the Community of St. Egidio, took place within the Basilica of Saint Bartholomew, the heart of Catholic-Anglican ties in Rome.Inside, you?ll find an altar to the seven martyrs. Dedicated by the Archbishop of Canterbury in 2006, it features a pastoral staff, a sash and a medal used by three of the seven martyrs.REV. RICHARD CARTERChaplin, Melanesian Brotherhood“I come in to this church, I?m extremely moved to see that their story lives on. And I think those stories are the example that we ought to hold up to young people and say ?you know, actually you can do something about the world we live in.?”The book is one of the first written accounts that details the experience of the seven men. After one of them was kidnapped while trying to dialogue with a rebel leader, six other brothers went to investigate his disappearance.All seven were never seen alive again. Once the rebels surrendered, they?re bodies were discovered. Three of the brothers were immediately shot, while the other four were tortured before getting shot as well.Their story captured the heart and mind of the book?s author. But she saw more than just a symbol for peace. MONICA ATTIASAuthor, Racconti di Pace in Oceania“Ecumenism seems to have lost the passion from its beginnings. The witness of faith from martyrs of various Christian denominations is fertile ground for the Churches to come together.”The book also features a preface by Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury.With conflicts still raging across other parts of the globe, the author hopes the martyrs example can shed light on the search for peace, and the role all Christians play, at times, even in spite of their own lives.RCarrAA--PR-U: