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Physical Disability no obstacle for this journalist

ANDREA VENUTO Journalist, Superabile-INAIL "I always end the show with an inspiring phrase. It says, 'What's important is to live life, everything else will pass.'� Up until recently, he played hockey. During a European Championship, his team gave Benedict XVI a team jersey. His passion for sports led him to a team made up of disabled players. Once he stopped playing, he decided to become a coach. ANDREA VENUTO Journalist, Superabile-INAIL "Typically the teams are coached by people who don't have a disability, so there's always a notion out there, of 'sure, but you don't know how it really is for us out there.' But they couldn't say that to me.� Last year he went to the Paralympics Games in London, not as an athlete though, but as a journalist. He says it was an experience that reinforced his mission even more. ANDREA VENUTO Journalist, Superabile-INAIL "I saw an athlete who would throw an arrow and he didn't have an arm. I saw a blind swimmer. I interviewed him and asked him, 'how can you swim without seeing?' He responded by asking me: 'How can you swim and see?' He has won four gold medals.� It's through his job as a journalist at the Superabile-INAIL communication department, that he fulfills his dreams while inspiring others to do the same. VIC/KLH AA -NR -PR U:SCar