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Book offers advice to detect and fight threats against the family

FR. STEFANO TARDANI Author, Sons of Who? What future awaits us? "One threat is the lack of dialogue. It can be hard to build dialogue today in a life so convoluted. The other is the lack of deep values that give the strength as a global project for the family. The third is the hurry in such a convoluted life.â? Father Stefano Tardani uses the 'Our Father' prayer to reflect on this. He also talks about a couple's first years of marriage and the education of their children.  He also analyzes controversial topics like bioethics. FR. STEFANO TARDANI Author, Sons of Who? What future awaits us? "The book talks about the topic of life, artificial insemination, abortion, euthanasia, so sum it up, the problems of relativism today.â? With this book, he aims to clearly show that family is the foundation society is built on, and the key to personal happiness. He explains that's the reason why everyone must protect it. FR. STEFANO TARDANI Author, Sons of Who? What future awaits us? "The future of family depends on society, but also, the future of society depends on the family. And all of this depends on the value of the dignity of each human being.â? The book Sons of Who? What future awaits us? has been translated to English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish. The author, Father Stefano Tardani is an expert on moral and dogmatic theology. He is also responsible for the Family Love Movement, an initiative to help families live out Christian values on a day to day basis. VIC/RCarr MG/AA -JM -PR u:SCar