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Rome Reports

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Group that follows the Byzantine Greek Rite comes to Rome to cheer on the Pope

FR. VINCENZO "We are Catholics who follow the Byzantine, Byzantine Greek and Italian-Albanian Rite. We are all in communion with the Holy Father.� They belong to the Eparchy of Lungro. Their liturgies reflect centuries of tradition that Orthodox Albanians in Italy, passed on from generation to generation. FR. VINCENZO "We celebrate our liturgies in Greek. We keep and protect that tradition because our reality was born when Albanians arrived. Even though they spoke Albanian, they celebrated Mass in Greek, because they were Orthodox who belonged to the Church of Constantinople.� So coming to Rome to celebrate Mass in St. Peter's Square with the Pope, is something they will never forget. "We are tired but happy. It was worth it, we've seen the Pope up close and it was very exciting.� "We identified ourselves with the Pope. His simplicity struck us. His message is simple and goes directly to people's hearts.� The group is very proud of following their Byzantine roots. Before heading back home they wanted to make it clear, that they are in full communion with the Pope. "Viva il Papa"