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Living Water Community: Bringing new life to the Church in the Caribbean

RHONDA MAINGOT Founder, Living Water Community (Trinidad) "Care for HIV/AIDS patient and cancer patients, homeless. Different social problems like that in our country that exists there.â? The movement,  'Living Water Community' was born in Trinidad and now it also has its programs in Tobago and other Caribbean islands. The movement may be small, but it already has its own television network, called Trinity Communications. The idea started back when John Paul II was Pope. LISA BHAJAN Living Water Community (Trinidad) "It was John Paul II saying that we need to shout the message from the rooftops.â? And as part of their plan to take action, this small community launched its own television station. LISA BHAJAN Living Water Community (Trinidad) "It's God calling us to use the gifts of the Holy Spirit and renew our faith.â? Pope Francis has described all the different movements and lay associations a gifts for the Church. They may be different but they all work to strengthen the one Universal Church. The founder says it's all about being open to God. RHONDA MAINGOT Founder, Living Water Community (Trinidad) "The spirituality is the same right across the board. Our main mission as a new movement is to bring people into a relationship with Jesus Christ and to witness that and then be a channel of that grace to others.â? Living Water Community has lived through the pontificates of John Paul II, Benedict XVI and now Pope Francis. The founder says, their goal is now more clear than ever-their mission is to bring new life into the Church. KLH AA -VM -PR uP:SCar