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Sister Glenda: Singing for God, from one country to the next...

SR. GLENDA VALESCA“When music carries God?s message, it becomes powerful. In addition to its melody, it has the word of life as its core.” Her musical career began back in 1998. Then in 2002, she traveled to Toronto to take part in World Youth Day, with John Paul II. She says, that moment, changed her life. SR. GLENDA VALESCA"I was invited to sing in World Youth Day in Toronto. After that I was invited to sing all over the world. It was then that I realized all the possibilities that come with music. It allows you to reach so many people, all at the same time with a message that strikes your heart and your mind.” ;When she was just 15, she decided to evangelize in a women?s prison in her native Chile. She served as a missionary in Argentina for five years, helping drug addicts, single mothers and rape victims who needed psychological help.Sister Glenda says music is obviously a great communication tool, but it?s also a great way to heal. SR. GLENDA VALESCA“It was as a psychologist, that I first learned about music-therapy. Patients with multiple sclerosis, terminal illnesses, those on the brink of death. They can?t handle someone talking to them, but in those challenging moments, music has a healing element.” Her concerts include venues in Spain, Germany, Italy, United States and Latin America. She has traveled all over the world, armed with only her guitar and prayer. Now that she has thousands of followers, she says her mission is not to sell her music, but rather for her music, to transform lives. VIC/KLH MG / AA-NR-PRup:SCar