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Vatican prepares unique video-Catechism to celebrate anniversary

Kosovo-born director Gjon Kolndrekaj was asked to record and film the project, an immense task which is still underway.GJON KOLNDREKAJDirector, Multimedia Catechism“The idea was born about a year ago, with father Giuseppe Costa, the director of the Vatican Publishing House. He told me that he wanted to do a video version of the Catechism. I was a bit puzzled initially because I saw it was 1000 pages long, plus the Compendium, another 200 pages. I thought: ?it is impossible. One must have three lives to finish this.? But in the end I accepted and I am happy the Holy See gave me this task.”The crew is set to film the footage in all continents. The actors will include well known professional celebrities and every day people. Director Kolndrekaj believes this will make the project stand out.GJON KOLNDREKAJDirector, Multimedia Catechism“Why shouldn?t Christ be played by an entrepreneur? Why shouldn?t Pilate by played by a bus driver? Why shouldn’t a greengrocer play a famous character? In this way we include all social levels that flow into one shared faith.”The first part of the project to be released will be the Compendium. It?s set to be available at the end of the Year of Faith. The full version of the Catechism will be released in 2014 and will include four books and four Blu-Ray discs.BBAA-VM-PRup:SCar