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Rome Reports

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The Order of the Camillians and its connection to The House of Saint Camillus de Lellis

JESí?S MARíA RUIZ IRIGOYENVicar General, Camillians “In this so called  ?cubiculum?, is where St. Camillus died. Not only did he die here, but he also spent the last 10 or 12 days of his life here. This was also the nursing home for the community. At his old age, he came here to die, surrounded by those who loved him.”Today, the room holds some of the important relics that belonged to St. Camillus such as his ribs, but one relic is especially important to the group. JESí?S MARíA RUIZ IRIGOYENVicar General, Carmelites “This relic is very dear to us. It?s the heart of  St. Camillus. If I remember correctly, the doctors actually convinced his fellow brothers to have his heart extracted, so future generations could honor his life and works.”St. Camillus was born in the city of Bucchianico, just East of Rome in 1550. He founded the Order of the Camillians in dedication to care for the sick, he lived in Rome for 40 years carrying out its mission.The Order has around 800 members worldwide. They all work with a number of visitors everyday that come in search of medical assistance. JESí?S MARíA RUIZ IRIGOYENVicar General, Camillians“So many people come to visit. It?s a constant flow of visitors. We?ve had to organized a system to help keep track. In fact, every Monday of the year, there is a set visitation schedule.”For his great work with the sick, St. Camillus along with St. John of God are the patron saints of doctors and sick people. Today, the Order of the Camillians can find their origins in this room where their founder spent his last days.BR/AEAA-VM-MGZu:SCar